OCD and proofreading

Think I’ve read my delightful bookie at least thirty to forty times. I’m the type who leaves the house and thinks she’s left the iron on. Even though I don’t own an iron and can be seen in crinkly clothes more often than not. Yes, forty times I’ve read my book. Checking and rechecking, and worry worry worry. Have I missed a comma or sneaky back-to-front dialogue tag?

Yes I have. My first print out from IngramSpark had two missing words and a few other clunky bits I then spent another week of editing out. Another week of sweeping and cleaning and checking and worry worry worry.

And my next upload returned an electronic proof that I read, fingers and toes crossed hoping for the best until I came upon a pesky present tense that should have been past. A jarring mistake in an important romantic scene I couldn’t get past.

So I cancelled my two boxes of books and changed pass to passed. Paid yet again for uploading new files to bloody IngramSpark. I was stupid enough to think it wouldn’t happen to me. I had checked, checked, and checked again.

Lamp and Lizard’s next book, a comedic romantic historical romp in the west of England in 1820’s, will be combed for missing words and renegade tenses until it can be combed no more. I will edit and edit then find some proofers (probably more than two) do do their own combing. I will leave lots and lots of TIME to get it right, instead of rushing to get it up there because i’m just so excited…No, there’s nothing exciting about finding errors in your lovely, shiny book. And nothing lovely about shelling out wads of cash to change a single letter or move a naughty comma.

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