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Welcome to Lamp and Lizard Books. Or should I say book. Singular and not, as yet, plural.

We here at Lamp and Lizard (we being the royal me) have a delightful array of book to share with readers of the world, a lovely little fast-paced bookie by the name of Drawing The Line.

Description: There are no lady-animators at Harley Studios in 1938 Los Angeles. But Maggie Goodwin can’t see why she won’t be the first. Meanwhile, she’s stuck down at Paint and Ink applying blue to an endless procession of twirling skirts. Convincing the boss a woman can draw as well as a man is no piece of cake. And the Harley behemoth isn’t quite the united front the papers would have her believe.

Not everyone is happy about busting their guts to get the studio’s Little Orphan in the can. There are rumblings in the ranks, rumblings that can’t be cured by privileges for the few or an invitation to a big-wig party in the Hollywood Hills.

So, amid talk of a strike, Maggie seeks allies to help her get ahead. An intrepid squirrel with a love of the sea, a wavy-haired troublemaker who knows all about pencils, a bottle-blonde broad with a penchant for jewels, an eye-rolling agitator with an axe or two to grind, and last but not least, a tongue-tied admirer with stellar connections.

Now Available!

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Where to get it: Amazon, Apple ibooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble.

NB: Australian customers can buy straight from the source by emailing me: contact(at)

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